Reliable partner

Using many years of experience and knowledge, our company has gained a reputation as a reliable and honest business partner.

Our company guarantees high quality of all delivered products. As a confirmation of such guarantees, we provide certificates for all products, information on the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals. Each batch of fresh fruits and vegetables is checked for compliance with European quality standards ISO.
  • Presence of own system of storage of vegetables and fruits allows to provide deliveries of fruit and vegetables in the shortest terms.
  • Availability of products in warehouses is determined by the popularity of products.
  • Warehouses where vegetables and fruits are stored are specially prepared in strict accordance with world standards
  • Observance of temperature regimes, ventilation, special packaging and careful attitude of qualified personnel to the products - guarantee of supply of vegetables and fruits always in full safety of the presentation and taste of products
  • The conditions for keeping fruits and vegetables and transporting them to any part of the country are provided by highly qualified personnel
  • The supply and sale of fruits and vegetables takes place throughout the calendar year.
  • A large assortment is always available.
  • Our contracts all over the world allow us to easily solve any logistics problem.