Here's what we can tell you about apricot.

The calorie content of apricot is only 41 kcal per 100 grams, which means that in one fruit about 17-20 calories. At the same time, dried apricots – dried apricots – contain 240 calories.

Apricots are an excellent source of carotene-provitamin A, as well as vitamin C, fiber and potassium.
The first mention of apricots date back to 4000 years BC and the Birthplace of them is considered to be Armenia or one of the provinces of China, after which he went to Persia, and then in the Mediterranean.
In Europe, this fruit was due to Alexander the great, who brought it to Greece. From there it began to spread to other countries.
The only contraindication in the use of apricot is diabetes. In all other cases, it is absolutely safe, and useful for any person.
There are about 20 types of apricots. The rarest is the black apricot, which appeared randomly as a result of a hybrid of apricot and cherry plum.
Turkey is the world leader in the cultivation and export of apricots.
Once upon a time, in Europe they were called "Armenian apples". Although, their exact origin remains unknown.
Apricot is a popular basis for making jam. But, no less interesting way to use it in cooking, is a combination of both fresh and dried (dried apricots) – with meat dishes.