Many have tried lime fruit, but not everyone knows about its beneficial properties. It is a citrus fruit, very similar to lemon, fruit has a beneficial effect on the liver.

When it is necessary to prevent diseases of this body, or to cure the already affected liver, then green lime is added to the food. You can use the fruit as a drink or juice.

It has a huge amount of vitamin C. it Has anti-carcinogenic properties, the fruit can stimulate digestion. Green lime is a medicinal fruit for everyone who wants to improve their health and maintain immunity at the level.

What role lime played in the history of navigation

17-18 centuries remained in the memory of many people not only the great historical campaigns and conquests, but also diseases that affect people for two centuries. One of these ailments was scurvy (lack of vitamin C in the body). People were dying and no one could help them. Already in the late 18th century, a doctor from the UK found that green lime has medicinal properties, it prevents the disease.

It was from this time that British sailors began to take lime juice and the fruit with them to the ship. In addition, the sailors of England began to be called Limes.

How exactly lime treats the liver

In one fruit about 20 mg of vitamin C! Just imagine how saturated the liver is, its detoxification. This vitamin is a good antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. And they, in turn, and destroy the body.

Actually, this is why lime fruit cleanses the blood system from harmful microelements and prevents the damage that could be caused to them.

The presence of anticarcinogenic properties

Many have heard that lime not only protects the liver, but also prevents the formation of cancers in the body. How exactly this process occurs is not clear, but scientists have proved that it contained the limonoids are capable of such reactions.

Limonoids in green Lima remain active much longer substances green tea or dark chocolate. A large number of flavonoids in the product have a positive effect on the digestive tract, they help to remove acids and bile from the body. The latter is produced by the liver and is intended in the body for the absorption of fat in the bloodstream. That is to prevent the accumulation of fat in the organs, especially in the liver and circulatory system.

By adding lime to your diet, you will improve the work of your body, cleanse the liver, make it healthier and stronger, and generally improve immunity.