Plum: how can you do without this Russian tree? And the tree is not quite Russian... Here are 20 interesting facts about the" Russian " plum.

Fact # 1: there is no wild plum

In the wild plum does not occur. It appeared by crossing cherry plum and thorns about 2000 years ago. Cherry plum and thorns grow well in the wild, and plum-no.

Fact № 2: favorite of Alexei Mikhailovich

In Russia, the plum was brought only under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, in 1654. The tree was carefully planted in the Royal garden, which was in the village of Izmailovo. And then the amazing tree began to appear in other gardens of Russia. Actively grow plum in Russia began only from the end of the XVIII century.

Fact # 3: plum age is short

Plum does not apply to long-lived trees. The term of her life is only 15-60 years.

Fact # 4: widespread

Plums grow both in the South and in the Northern latitudes, withstanding frosty winters with temperatures below-40oC. They just do not tolerate waterlogged soil.

Fact # 5: the most popular plum

The most popular plum in the world is considered to be home plum (P. domestica). This tree is up to 12 meters high with a wide spreading crown. In spring the tree is covered with a cloud of gentle white flowers, which then turn into fruits of different shapes, sizes and colors. It is believed that now home plum takes 90% of all plum tree plantations.

Fact # 6: memorizing the names

There are generalizing names of varieties of plums:
- greengage - plum with small greenish fruit;
- Hungarian-dark plum;
- Mirabel-plums with yellow fruits.

Fact # 7: very useful for health

Plum fruit is a source of many vitamins (a, b, C, P, PP, E and K) and microelements (copper, iron, iodine, zinc, potassium). In plums there is pectin, fiber, antioxidants and other useful substances. Therefore, the use of plums is very beneficial to health: increases immunity, protects against cancer, prolongs youth.

Fact # 8: the Royal fetus

In England, Queen Elizabeth II begins the first meal with two plums, and then goes to Breakfast. What plums does the Queen eat? Those that grow in her garden on the estate Holin house and are proud name Brompton.

Fact № 9: if you want to be happy - eat prunes from Sochi!

Prunes do not come from all plums. Even those fruits that are raw sweet and juicy, when dried become hard and tasteless. The best prunes are obtained from plum-Hungarian oval and blue-dark. These plums grew in Sochi in 1910 during the quarantine of cholera, when the city was quarantined - that is, cut off from all trade routes, and plums-Hungarians was so much that it began to dry. And it turned out that the Sochi prunes are much tastier than imported from Europe.

Fact # 10: the best laxative

5-6 drains, eaten at night, the next morning will have a relaxing effect. As well as prunes. They work better than many official laxatives. And many laxatives include plums or prunes.

Fact # 11: normalizes cholesterol

Plums contain pectin and fiber. These substances bind to harmful substances directly into the lumen of the intestine and eliminate them from the body. Therefore, the use of plums normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Fact # 12: plums along roads

Professor V. Pashkevich shared an amazing fact. It turns out that in the old days in the Czech Republic, when a person committed a misdemeanor, he certainly went to the priest to repent. But the priests wouldn't let go of sin just like that. The sinner had to work it off. And most often he practiced it by planting a plum near the road. Plum-lined road in the Balkans. It is interesting-it is necessary to be sad to the number of offenses or to rejoice that many people repented of the sins?

Fact # 13: dangerous neighbors

Did you know that next to plums you can not plant tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and other nightshades? It turns out that these plants attract fungi that affect plum trees.

Fact # 14: plum titles

In the UK, plums are loved so much that they include them in the names of various institutions. There is a wild plum bar in Edinburgh,and in London, a bar called Yellow plum, Winston Churchill liked to visit.

Fact № 15: plum candy

Do you want to taste plum candy - a favorite treat of the Royal family of great Britain? Then you should go to London, bond Street, where the famous confectionery Charbonnel et Walker. It is in it and prepare the famous "candied plum". If you go to London for some reason you can not-prepare plum candy yourself. This is the usual candied plums.

Fact # 16: the drain from Gordon Ramsey

The famous chef and part-time owner of the famous restaurant Gordon Remzi considers the best dish in the world plum pudding - a hit of sales of his restaurant. The recipe is ordinary, classic, but there is something in it that people come to taste this delicacy there.

Fact № 17: traditional plum pudding

Plum pudding-a traditional English dish, prepared as follows: dried plums were added to beef fat, flour, nuts, eggs and alcohol (more often cognac). Pudding was cooked in linen cloth, and after cooking it was watered with a special sauce and set on fire. The largest plum pudding was prepared in 60 hours in England in 1931, it weighed 500 kg.

Fact № 18: plum alcohol

Plums, make plum moonshine made from plums and slyv'yanka - wine from the plums. He and the other drink enjoy the deserved love of consumers, so as gently to drink, what to eat is not desirable.

Fact № 19: Chinese plum

Plum in China is a symbol of winter. And, interestingly, the five petals of the plum flower symbolize peace, longevity, joy, prosperity and good luck.

Fact № 20: plum for beauty

Plum is used in the beauty industry. As part of many anti-aging agents can be found plum. The effect will be if you just apply a mask of crushed plums on the skin. It is a pity that they ripen from August to October...