Just 30 years ago, bananas in Russia were the worst shortage, and when young mothers read in translated manuals on nutrition of young children that banana puree is the most suitable first lure for the baby, they considered it as a mockery or as an absolutely impossible thing.

It took quite a bit of time, and bananas were sold in all Russian stores at a price lower than that of apples. And today's mothers have no idea what to feed their children, if not bananas. What do we know about these oblong yellow fruits? Here are all the interesting facts about bananas.

Fact # 1: really useful

Bananas are really good for the body. Along with common vitamins and minerals, they contain a lot of potassium, vitamin B6 and fiber. Therefore, the use of bananas heals the digestive tract, facilitates the work of the heart and blood vessels, strengthens the nervous system.

Fact # 2: grass grass

Many Russian children draw a banana palm tree with leaves on top, under which grow clusters of bananas. This is not true. Bananas are not a tree, but a herb from the Musaceae family, native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Fact # 3: amazing yields

The stem of a banana can reach 10 meters in height and almost half a meter in girth. One such plant can give three hundred kilograms of bananas per season, that is, about 500 fruits.

Fact # 4: not all of them are edible

More than a thousand species of bananas are known. Among them there are suitable for human food, fodder for cattle and inedible. In 1992-1995, Russia was littered with feed bananas. Africans who studied in Russia at that time, wondered why people buy and eat them, and the people of Russia wondered – why everywhere write that bananas are delicious?

Fact # 5: first, second and dessert

Only 5 varieties of bananas are considered suitable for human consumption. Among them are sweet – dessert and savory, going for the preparation of the main (first or second) dishes.

Fact # 6: bananas for export

Countries that are unofficially called "banana" earn money by selling bananas.

Fact # 7: very sensitive

Bananas sold in our stores are artificially bred, so they are very sensitive to climate and pests, but they tolerate transportation better and are stored longer.

Fact № 8: not only yellow

We are used to the fact that bananas come in two colors: yellow – ripe and green – immature. In fact, there are bananas red, Golden and even black. All of them grow on one of the Seychelles Islands and are edible. At the same time, the Golden and black ones go as a garnish to the main dish, and the red ones in the form of a dessert, as they are very sweet. Occasionally in our stores you can find bananas red, but they tear off quite green, so they dospeli on the road. At the same time, even becoming red, bananas taste almost no different from yellow.

Fact № 9: a significant harvest

The world's banana crop by weight is second after oranges and significantly ahead of the grapes. Most bananas are grown in Brazil and India. Every year people eat about a hundred billion bananas.

Fact # 10: everyone eats differently

In Uganda, where local people eat almost one banana, each person eats an average of 220 kilograms of bananas per year. The average American eats during this time only 12 kilograms, and the Russian and even less – a little less than 3 kilograms per year.

Fact # 11: full of food

Two bananas may well replace dinner or Breakfast in terms of calorie and nutritional value. Bananas are 1.5 times more nutritious than potatoes, rich in vegetable protein and at the same time-no saturated fat!

Fact # 12: a remedy for depression

In ripe sweet bananas contains an amazing amino acid-tryptophan, from which the human body is synthesized serotonin – the hormone of joy.

Fact № 13: ripen on the road

Bananas are picked green and sent to other countries. During the way, they ripen: vegetable starch turns into sugar and banana becomes sweet. In fairness it should be noted that the ripe banana just plucked, much tastier and sweeter.

Fact # 14: food for thought

The Latin name of the banana "musa sapientum", which literally can be translated as"the Muse of wisdom". British scientists proved this experimentally. They divided the students of one stream into two groups. Some ate as they wanted, and the second mandatory ate a banana for Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole semester. The results were unambiguous: students who used bananas passed the session much better than the control group.

Fact № 15: banana drinks

Bananas aren't just about juice and mashed potatoes. They make excellent vodka and even beer. The most delicious banana beer you can try in Uganda, just keep in mind that it contains almost 30% alcohol.

Fact # 16: raw material for cosmetics

Bananas are the raw material for cosmetic products. It is with their use that excellent masks, creams and lotions are obtained. All major cosmetic manufacturers buy tons of cheap bananas in order to produce tons of expensive cosmetic products with their help.

Fact # 17: as on skin

If we are doing well, we say: "Goes like clockwork." A resident of India in this case will say:"Goes, as the skin of a banana." It is on the skins of bananas, or rather, on the crushed bananas, in India, ships are lowered into the water.

Fact # 18: a strong one

From the trunks and leaves of bananas make technical nautical equipment. They are strong and serve for decades.

Fact № 19: flower of the bride

Banana flower in India is an analogue of the bride's veil in Russia. It symbolizes the purity and innocence of a girl getting married. A beautiful fragrant flower is woven into the bride's hair.

Fact # 20: first solid foods

Banana puree is considered the best first lure for a child in all countries of the world. Previously, in Russia as the first lure was given applesauce, but as it turned out, bananas are suitable for this