What fruit do we associate with winter, and especially New Year? Most will answer without hesitation: tangerines! These orange sweet fruits are so similar to the sun, which is not enough for everyone in the winter months.

However, what do we know about tangerines, besides that they are quite tasty and rich in vitamins?

Usually in our stores sell hybrids of Mandarin with other fruits, such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons. On the labels then usually write "tangerine" , "Clementine", "tangora".
The smaller the tangerine, the sweeter it is. The sweetest variety is Clementine. The largest, and it is with a noticeable acidity – santra.
In order to keep tangerines longer, they need to provide a temperature no higher than 6 degrees.Celsius's. The ideal place is the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.
Tangerines are not only delicious, but also have healing qualities. The juice of these fruits is detrimental to the helminths, raises the immune system of children and adults.
Mandarin peel is used in the preparation of bitter tinctures, as a means of increasing immunity. In cosmetology, use lotion from dried crusts to wipe oily skin
Mandarin essential oil has long been used in aromatherapy to raise the mood and gain vitality.
When traveling to exotic countries, it is good to consume tangerine juice before eating. It is an effective prophylactic of dysentery and intestinal infections.
Despite all the benefits of Mandarin, you need to remember that in all good measure!
These fruits in large quantities can irritate the gastric mucosa, which is contraindicated in gastritis and peptic ulcer.