Did you know that eating oranges helps keep you young? And these fruits are green. We are sure that you have not heard a lot about these fragrant fruits.

We present to your attention the 20 most interesting facts about oranges that will surprise you.

In California there are oranges while taking a bath is considered illegal
It turns out that the mixture of orange acid and oils often added to the bath is explosive!

In tropical climate, oranges are green, and in temperate orange
"Orange" orange is due to lack of sun.

Bobby Leach-the second man after Annie Taylor and the first man to overcome Niagara falls in a barrel, died, slipping on an orange peel 
15 years after his Niagara adventure, Leach slipped on an orange peel during a lecture trip in new Zealand, injured his leg, and died two months later of gangrene.

In accordance with the standards of the food and drug Administration, one glass of orange juice may contain ten fruit fly eggs (Drosophila) and two of its larvae
Standards of food contamination allow them to contain insects, hair rodents and other substances that do not sound appetizing.

Orange juice is a great cure for heartburn. Very acidic juice becomes alkaline, getting into your stomach with heartburn

Orange juice is 10 thousand times more acidic than the pH factor (acid-base balance) of human blood!

The advertisers invented a new superhero, captain Citrus, to sell more orange juice

The hero's superpower helped him sell more orange juice.

Navel, or orange with the hilum (navel varieties of oranges), got its name because the bottom part of the orange do look like the navel. The bigger the navel in the orange, the sweeter it is. Fruit experts believe that the hem is on its own
The main supplier of this variety of oranges is Brazil.

Oranges help to extend youth

The fruit is rich in antioxidants that neutralize the effects of free radicals and unstable oxygen molecules in the human body, which lead to premature aging and a number of diseases.

Moreau's oranges are also called red or bloody
This name was given to this variety of oranges because of the blood-red color of the flesh. This color it gives the presence of anthocyanins-pigments, quite common in flowers and fruits, but unusual citrus. Moreau's oranges are very sweet.

After chocolate and vanilla, orange is the third most favorite flavor in the world
Christopher Columbus brought the first orange seeds and seedlings to the New World on his second trip in 1493

Botanists refer the fruit of an orange tree to berries

Orange flesh is usually divided into ten segments. The size and sweetness of the fruit may vary depending on the variety.

85% of the collected oranges are used for the production of orange juice
Sticks made of orange wood are used for manicure and pedicure

Oranges are the fourth most popular fruit, and orange juice is the most popular juice

Oranges give the biggest harvest of all citrus in the world.

Oranges and orange flowers are a symbol of love

Oranges were known as the fruit of the Gods

They were once called” Golden apples " stolen by Hercules.

More than 35 000 000 orange trees grow in Spain

There are more than 600 types of this fruit in the world.

Oranges have been shown to help fight cancer

Eating oranges helps in the fight against various types of cancer: skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon cancer.

In Jamaica, people clean the floors with sliced oranges; in mechanics, oranges are used to remove various fats, oils and oil
If you want your dish to become less fat, just add some fresh orange juice to it. The same procedure will remove fat from your dishes. This is what they do, for example, in Afghanistan.