Garlic is very healthy. In addition to its specific taste and the possibility of using it as a great flavor seasoning, garlic has many useful and therapeutic properties and is widely used in folk and traditional medicine for the treatment of many diseases and ailments.

The composition of garlic includes nitrogenous substances, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, sulfuric, phosphoric acid, vitamin C, D, B, phytosterols, extractive substances, phytoncides and essential oils.
Thanks to its rich composition and treatment, garlic exhibits gastrointestinal, diuretic, diaphoretic, cardiovascular properties. Garlic is able to lower blood pressure, and also has analgesic, wound healing, antimicrobial, anti-helminthic, antitoxic, preventing cancer formation and antitoxic action. Garlic is very useful in cases of vitamin deficiency. Garlic also contains selenium, which is known for its antioxidant properties.
Garlic contains more than four hundred different useful components, including many antioxidants, which have a number of positive medicinal properties. Garlic lowers cholesterol, dilutes blood, lowers blood pressure, has anti-inflammatory effect. Garlic prevents aging and fouling is not only important, but also the peripheral arteries. The therapeutic effect can be achieved with a daily intake of two or three heads of garlic.
Specific strong smell of garlic give sulfur substances. However, to freshen your breath after taking garlic, try chewing a slice of lemon or parsley twig, cardamom or cinnamon seeds, or rinse your mouth with natural milk.
Garlic thins the blood and is a natural antibiotic. It is very important that garlic strengthens the immune system very well, which increases the body's ability to resist harmful effects of the environment. Garlic kills a large number of the most diverse bacteria.
Garlic is added to many medications. Preparations prepared on the basis of garlic effectively destroyed malignant cancer cell formation. However, it should be remembered that from the long-term use of garlic-based drugs, they begin to suppress the intestinal microflora and become the cause of its irritation.
Garlic is an effective remedy for colds. It is also recommended to use garlic for disorders of the nervous system, diseases of the genitourinary tract and organs, as well as for cleansing the body.
The healing properties of garlic reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Garlic kills cells of multiform glioblastoma-a malignant brain tumor. It has also been shown that garlic has a positive effect on heart function.