Interesting facts about cucumbers.

More than 95% of cucumber consists of water.

The birthplace of cucumbers is the foot of the Himalayan mountains. There cucumbers still grow in the wild by themselves.
Cucumbers and melons have common ancestors.
The history of cucumber, as a vegetable grown in food, has more than six thousand years.
In Ecuador grow cucumbers the size of zucchini (see interesting facts about Ecuador).
In the United Arab Emirates, breeders brought cucumbers with square fruits.
A kilogram of cucumbers contains only about 150 calories, which makes this vegetable a dietary product.
The French Emperor Napoleon promised a big reward to those who will think up how to keep cucumbers fresh during long military campaigns (see interesting facts about Napoleon).
The spines on young cucumbers are used to remove the excess moisture of their fetus.
In Europe, where held in high esteem smooth cucumbers without spines, spiny fruit is called the "Russian cucumber".
Cucumbers are mentioned in the Bible.
The ancient Egyptians put cucumbers in the graves of their pharaohs, along with other valuable gifts.
The first ever greenhouses for year-round cultivation of cucumbers were built in Ancient Rome for the Emperor Tiberius, who wanted to eat these vegetables every day.
In Russia cucumbers are common from the 16th century.
In the Russian city of Nezhin is a monument to cucumber