Carrots are the second most popular vegetable in Europe after potatoes. It is loved by adults and children. What secrets hides an ordinary carrot-read our collection of amazing facts about it.

Fact # 1: the Motherland - Afghanistan

Afghanistan is considered to be the birthplace of carrots. There it grew in the wild and was bright purple, rarely-white and yellow. Orange carrots were presented to all the the Netherlands. It was bred for the Oran dynasty of the Royal family, whose dynastic color was orange.

Fact # 2: named carotene

Carrots are rich in b-carotene, which is a precursor of vitamin A. for the First time carotene itself was isolated from carrots, from it and got its name (lat. carota-carrot).

Fact # 3: protects the heart

Carrot increases the level of calcium in the blood and reduces cholesterol, so it is necessary to eat those who have bad heredity for heart and vascular diseases, and all healthy for the purpose of prevention, it does not hurt. Just one average carrot per day-and your body receives a dose of vitamins necessary for the normal operation of the heart and blood vessels.

Fact # 4: useful in any form

Carrots are useful, even if it is rubbed, steamed or cooked. Heat-treated carrots are better absorbed by the body, but loses some of the vitamins.

Fact # 5: changes skin color

The constant consumption of large amounts of carrots can change the color of human skin to yellowish-orange. This property of carrots is used by the staff of Russian zoos to preserve the color of the Flamingo plumage. In nature flamingos eat crustaceans, in our country – carrots. There are some breeds of cats with red color, or with orange ears and a tail. To color has retained its beauty, the diet of cats should include raw carrots in a small amount-1-2 circles a day.

Fact № 6: was a cover of the British air force

There is a legend that during the Second World war the British developed a night vision radar for the first time, so their aircraft could destroy German bombers at night. To keep their "know-how" secret as long as possible, the British air force has spread information that all their pilots adhere to a special carrot diet that allows them to see better in the dark.

Fact # 7: its capital and a holiday

The world capital of carrots is a small town Holtville (California, USA). It is there every year, in February, the festival of carrots. The holiday begins with the election of the" carrot Queen " and lasts for a week. Its program includes parades of platforms decorated with carrots, culinary competitions of the best chefs and ordinary citizens to prepare the best dishes of carrots, competitions using carrots instead of sports equipment and much more.

Fact # 8: not only the root

The carrot tops are edible. It can be added to soups, main courses and salads, as well as brew as tea.

Fact # 9: almost water

Carrot root crop is almost 90% water. This is easy to verify using a blender.

Fact # 10: longer than the car

The longest carrot (fact from the Guinness Book of records) was grown by a British farmer Joe Atherton from Nottinghamshire. Its length is 5.84 m, which exceeds the length of the middle class car. However, a large part of the record of the carrot is her thin tail.

Fact № 11: a little easier than a one-year-old child

The heaviest carrot is not so long, but has a weight of 8.61 kg. it was grown in Alaska. One-year-old children weigh about 10 kg, that is, this carrot is not much easier.

Fact № 12: decoration for the hat

In the XVII century English women decorated the fields of their hats not only with flowers and feathers, but with leaves. Often-carrot leaves, which kept fresh for a long time, smelled nice and had a refined look.

Fact No. 13: lost and found

In 2011, the Swede Lena Paalson, collecting crops on his site, found an unusual carrot, decorated with a gold ring: carrots grew in the ring, and it is beautifully drawn. Looking closer, Lena realized that this is her own ring, lost more than 15 years ago.

Fact № 14: not a vegetable but a fruit

Do not be surprised, but in Europe carrots are a fruit. Why? It's simple: the Portuguese make carrots delicious jam and export it to Europe. According to the European legislation, jam can be cooked only from fruit. That's why carrots are fruit! Indeed, do not give up the same delicious dessert only in connection with the wrong classification?

Fact # 15: a toothbrush substitute

Carrots are almost like a toothbrush. If you gnaw the carrot root, it perfectly cleanses the tooth enamel and massages the gums, preventing the development of caries and periodontal disease.

Fact # 16: orange children

Carrots are recommended for pregnant women, but do not eat it without measures, as in this case, you can give birth to a baby amazing orange-yellow. Absolutely enough 100 grams of carrots a day.

Fact # 17: coffee

In Germany, roasted carrots were used to make "soldier's" coffee, the recipe of which is still preserved in some villages. This coffee has a wonderful aroma, taste and even invigorates.

Fact # 18: the delicacy, however,

Immediately after the selection of orange carrots varieties "Carotel" in the XVII century carrots were grown in all countries. At the same time there were the famous French carrot sauces, which are still delicacies and are prepared by the best chefs of expensive restaurants.

Fact № 19: the cure for all diseases

Russian healers used carrots as medicine in honey. She long retained the vitamins and together with honey treated from many diseases.

Fact # 20: Smoking and carrots are incompatible

Smokers and people working in asbestos plants should use carrots very carefully, as recent studies show the relationship of the use of carrots by individuals in these groups with the development of lung cancer. It is interesting that in non-smokers everything is the opposite – the use of carrots reliably protects against all types of tumors, including lung cancer.