Red onion

For red onions are characterized by many useful properties. It helps to cure a wide range of diseases. Traditional medicine, no less than traditional medicine, uses the useful properties of red onion to cure various ailments and make prevention in the season of the outbreak of colds and flu.

First, red onion inherent properties of antiseptic. It copes with any microbes, providing a disinfectant effect on the whole body. It is not only able to protect the body by increasing its ability to resist diseases and strengthen the immune system, but also to cure many diseases.
Red onion contains substances that are able to kill microbes in active mode, which have already got into the body. Therefore, any colds, for example, flu, angina, ARI, bronchitis, pneumonia are cured with the help of not only medicines, but also with the help of red onions. It is quite easy to take it in raw, completely untreated form. No need to bake or cook anything, you just need to take a slice and eat it with lunch or in between meals.
Secondly, the beneficial properties of this vegetable are manifested when exposed to the gastric system. The juice, which is formed from red onions, is useful for the gastric acidic environment. If there is secretory insufficiency, it is useful to take the juice of this onion every day for several tablespoons.
With the help of onions, it is possible to adjust the metabolism, which has been broken, because it can improve the digestion process. Therefore, this implies another useful property of this vegetable – its promotion of weight loss of those people who have the presence of excess weight.
It is well known for many years that with the help of red onions, you can easily get rid of worms. Food is also taken onion fresh, no tricks. It is enough to force yourself to eat before each meal on the half of the head of the bow to children and the whole bulb for the therapeutic effect of adults. You can also prepare an infusion of onion. the onion is cut in half and poured with a glass of water. Half a glass of this infusion contribute to cure worms.
Are there deposits of salts? Eat red onions often. As for the oral cavity, it also kill any infection. Onion has an anti-inflammatory effect on sore gums.
A frequent headache caused by fatigue, fatigue, is removed with the help of half of the red onion head. It also helps to calm the nervous system, promotes the functioning of the brain. Even when insomnia in ancient times used red onions, passing these recipes to our modern generation. To remove such symptoms, it is enough to apply fresh slices of red onion to the temporal region.